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Take Your Power Back

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersFree WebinarHave you ever wondered why life is so difficult?Have you ever wondered if it has always been this way?Have you ever wondered if life could be easier and more fun!?Today and the next two days I am hosting three free webinars. These...

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With Love From God

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersFor the last couple of years I have begun to stream consciousness from The Universe. The way this occurs for me is like a conversation. I ask a question and the answer is given. I have been intuitive since I was a...

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3 Ways to Stop Self Sabotage

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersJennifer Elizabeth Masters in her OLD lifeWe are a work in progress. We are human. Recognizing that life is about learning and each perceived MISTAKE is another lesson learned well. Jennifer E. MastersIf I counted the number of perceived mistakes I have...

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Flashing Blue Lights and Papers Please!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIt is no secret that I am not a fan of bureaucracy. I feel that there is enough double talk in the DMV to put them behind bars. The act of fingerprinting is unconstitutional.  Yet just try getting your license without a...

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How Can I Learn To Trust?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersTrust - Jennifer Elizabeth MastersYou cannot trust in others what you do not trust in yourself. William Dargin IILoss of trust in others can lead to us shutting down and locking our hearts up in a jar so that nothing can enter....

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Surfing Home From Boulder

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAdam and David Gates, Ariel Resuta in Boulder, Colorado September 2, 2013For the first time in two years my children and I were reunited. We have learned to live in the moment and follow our guidance. As an intuitive Self Love coach guidance...

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