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Is Someone A Pain In Your Ass?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersYoda and me, January 2014Problems? Do you bitch, Moan or Complain?If you have been reading my blog for any time, you would know that this little guy, Yoda in the photo above trotted into our lives and our household has not been...

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Divine Presence Process Meditation

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersOpen your heart to receiveThe Divine Presence Process Meditation connects you to Source energy within, fills your heart to overflowing and fills you with peace that surpasses understanding. I did this meditation consistently in 2012. I had a multitude of personal break...

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Your Word Is Your Wand

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersFlorence Schovel Shinn was a Metaphysician in the 1930'sI have read a vast number of books over the years. The one that assisted me with changing my thoughts more than any other was one written in 1925. The Game of Life and...

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Life Fully Expressed On Purpose

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersEvery one of us has a Divine Purpose. Living our lives fully, present in every breath and in a state of LOVE is what we are meant to do. There are many ways to live a life on purpose. Each of us were...

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