February 2014

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Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersMy second book, Orgasm For Life is completed!This book will help you improve love-making, oral sex, guide you to have orgasms with regularity if you are a non-orgasmic woman and help you achieve deep intimacy and better communication with your partner. Trust is...

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Sexual Misery Programs

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHumans have been challenged for millenia to adjust their needs and desires within relationships.Sexual Misery ProgramsHave you ever wondered why men and women are so different. Men think of sex every 52 seconds, where the average woman thinks of sex once a...

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YES! The G-Spot Does Exist!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Nothing leaves you feeling more broken, dysfunctional and left out than having sex for hours without an orgasm. Yet for millions of women all over the world, orgasm continues to allude them. We have been...

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Sex and Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHow to Get to OrgasmDon't be concerned about how you look.Stop faking it. It is inauthentic. BREATHE!Make sounds.Move your hipsContract your pelvic musclesRelax and let goWomen need to be relaxed.Be presentMake sure you are warm - keep your socks on.You can contact Jennifer...

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What Does Sex Have To Do With Love?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhat Does Sex Have to Do With Love?Is it possible to have sex with someone that is gratifying and ecstatic that are NOT in love with?The answer is YES!Sex and love are two entirely different entities. You can have sex without love....

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