August 2014

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Oral Sex For Women

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIn my research for my book, Orgasm For Life, I interviewed hundreds of men and women. Women complained that men aren't hitting the right buttons, or lasting long enough. When sex is over within a few minutes, your female counterpart may only...

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Attracting Love Fast

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersKnowing what love is and isn't is important. Often we think we are in love, when it is sexual attraction, or infatuation. A lot of women have the idea that love should be felt the way it is in Disney movies. Where...

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Is A Facelift in Your Future?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAging is a part of life. However, how we eat, live, think, speak and feel has as much to do with the speed at which we age. We have seen many aging actors and singers who have had multiple face lifts. Then...

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By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersA kiss is the first part of sexual contact. Kissing transmits a sexual charge and connects two bodies. A kiss lets the receiver know whether sex is a possibility. A kiss can be like an electric bolt of energy culminating in the...

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