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Cleanse Your Pipes For Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersPeople come to me with their problems. One of the problems I hear about most often is that women have little or no sex drive. What most people don't realize is that constipation is the cause of many sexual issues. If you...

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I Was A Last Resort

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhen I first moved to Boulder, Colorado, I remember my daughter being swallowed up by a warm and accepting group of friends. While my daughter was at school and having fun with her friends, I spent my days alone, walking the trails...

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The 4 R’s of Relationships

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHave you ever considered how simple life would be if we could all just live alone? We would never have to listen to another person gripe, complain or nag at us. We would never be triggered into explosive anger. We would also...

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Gratitude and Generosity

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWriting a blog for one's own purpose is self serving. When I began this blog back in 2012, my ex-husband had just died. I had a huge shift in consciousness and awakening. I thought I had arrived! Whoa! We are always and...

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