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Talk To Me!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersOn SexSex allows us to experience ourselves fully. At the very core of who we are is our sexuality. Without sex, we are blocked, limited and not expressing ourselves as the beings we truly are. Sex is a spiritual experience. Thinking you...

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How To Let Go Of Shame with Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersShame is one of the lowest vibrating emotions there is. David R. Hawkins author of Power vs Force calibrated each of the emotions using a scale. He found shame to be below anger, desire, fear and even grief. If you have ever...

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G-Spot Fact or Fiction?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersThank you to Trojan for this photoVideos of a women experiencing ejaculatory orgasms are extolled on porn sites, and even You Tube. Many self-respecting women hear about these gushing orgasms and question what the fuss is all about. "Why on earth would...

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The Gift of Choice

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWe create our own happiness, our own sense of heaven or hell on this planet each day and each and every moment. Choosing to be happy, choosing to love instead of hate, is a moment by moment decision. Most people live unconsciously...

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Why Women Don’t Trust Men

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersMost men are motivated by sex. Many men want sex with women. Most men that are single will do almost anything and say anything to get a woman into bed. Most of these behaviors lead to mistrust for women. Without trust there...

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