November 2015

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Give New Meaning To Black Friday

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersYour tummy is still feeling full from a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner. The thoughts of sugar plums and bleary-eyed four o'clock in the morning alarms don't excite you today. Why not give new meaning to BLACK FRIDAY?Avoid the crowds and choose a...

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The Things I Am Grateful For

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAs I sit here this morning reflecting on the past year, I am grateful for the late night clearing for a dear client in New York. I am grateful for so much. You are the reason I sit at my computer each...

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Bitch To Bliss

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI love women. I can appreciate beauty in another. I admire a beautiful body, jacket or handbag. I tell women that they are beautiful when I meet them. I didn't always feel this way about other women. I have been on the...

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3 Ways To Overcome Fear

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI have just returned from a ten-day trip to two of my favorite places on this earth, Boulder, Colorado, and Sedona, Arizona. In Boulder, I visited two of my adult children, which brings me great joy. In Sedona, I made a stepped...

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How I Manifested A Miracle!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersPeople like Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor and movies like The Secret talk about the Law of Attraction. I would like to share my personal experience that occurred this past week here in Boulder, Colorado with my daughter. I am sharing this so...

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3 Phrases To Never Say

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAs a coach, I hear people's words. I listen carefully. I watch to see results. I have learned over my years of manifesting and coaching that there are some powerful words we need to avoid.Frances Schovel Shinn said, "Your word is your...

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