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How To Be Your Own Lover After A Breakup

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersCoaching my 19-year-old daughter for the past four months after a damaging breakup has brought the anguish and heartbreak to my door. When we don't feel loved by our partner, we feel inadequate. When we face rejection, betrayal or abandonment in our relationship, how...

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10 Powerful Ways To Fill The Emptiness Within

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAuthor's Note: I pulled this article out of the archives from December 2013. It is still pertinent and powerful today.Feeling lost, unfulfilled and empty? Half of my life I felt broken, lost, depressed and empty. I began my quest at the age of...

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How To Find Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhat if I was to tell you that everything you ever dreamed of was possible? What if I was to tell you that you already have arrived? You already have everything you need. It is closer than you think.Most people search for happiness...

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Why Am I Feeling Such Chaos?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersChaos always precedes big change. You can try to avoid it, side-step it or close your eyes to it, but when change is coming there is no stopping it. There is a feeling afoot that everything that was true yesterday or a week...

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Love Has The Power To Heal You Faster

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersLove is a powerful healer. It can heal a wound on a child, a blister on an adult faster than without it, and even rejuvenates nerve damage. Don't believe me? The Scientists have proven that love heals the body faster when you...

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My Valentine’s Day Wish For You

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersPlease join me LIVE on Sunday evening, Valentine's Dayat 3:00 PM PST or 8:00 PM EST.See myself and 60 other healers and teachers on video LIVE, held on Learn It Live. My thirty-minute session is Clearing The Path To Love. Please use my link to...

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