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Orgasm For Life: Square Peg In Round Hole

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersExcerpt From Orgasm For LifeThe way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. ~ Anthony RobbinsRound Peg in A Square HoleMen and women have had the natural desire to join together for physical pleasure since the...

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Orgasm For Life: Sex Is The Glue

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersSex Is The Glue Sex is the glue that can hold a relationship together. Do you want to be a better lover while keeping your woman interested in you? Want to increase the sizzle to create more happiness, pleasure, and love in all...

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Orgasm For Life: Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters FREE PODCAST TONIGHT! BE HAPPY  & EMPOWERED!  Wednesday, March 30 at 5:30 PM PST 8:30 PM ESTLet me know the issue you want to work onsend me an e-mail hereThe time doesn't work? No worries, download my appand listen at your leisure.641-715-3580 Pin...

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3 Ways We Unconsciously Turn Love Away

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI have just returned from San Jose and a powerful three-day retreat with 700 of my closest friends:  healers and entrepreneurs. We committed to growing and shed our crap. I cried, I resisted, and I shifted my perspective in so many ways. When...

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13 Benefits of Holding Hands You Didn’t Realize

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersSometimes it is the simplest of things that brings two people together. Holding hands with entwined  fingers bringing palms together is special and innocent. Hand-holding can occur with a child, your mother, a friend, or a partner. A scientific study supports the theory...

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