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21 Quickie Life Hacks For Everyday Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHappy people have many things in common. They have encountered adversity and overcome it. They recognize that nothing that is worth having comes easily. They also have consistent habits that create daily happiness no matter what is happening. Being happy isn't just about...

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How To Stop Toxic Parenting

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersToxic parents create abusive adults. Parenting is one of the most difficult and challenging, yet fulfilling things we can do in our lives.  We can overcome the past by being the adult and changing the past patterns consciously.Many of us have spent...

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I WIll Always Love You

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhat happens to love once a person transitions and leaves the planet? What happens to love when two people who once loved each other are divorced? What happens to love when two people who were previously romantically involved split? The 80's band The...

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