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Hello, you beautiful soul!spacer2

I am Jennifer Elizabeth Masters and I believe self-love is the key to everything. This is the place to be for lasting happiness, inner peace, and REALationships.

I have learned through my journey that healing the self, heals everything in your life.

When you love yourself unconditionally, everything shifts in all your relationships and your world. We become happier. From a positive loving state our health improves, we become infinitely more successful in everything we do. The bottom line is self-love leads to happiness and mastery. When we have mastery we radiate love out into the world becoming a magnet for all things wonderful. Relationships become easy, success happens because we are calm, peaceful and focused.

Utilizing my gifts to clear limiting beliefs, past pain and suffering (PTSD), trapped emotions and give you the tools to return to your natural state of love. Mastery of the self is life beyond suffering. Trust, appreciation and just being are the keys to living a life of happiness and joy, every day. Yes, it is possible. Let me guide you to where I live and breathe every day. Can you imagine a life beyond suffering, anxiety and pain? Take my hand, I will be your guide and partner on the path of self-discovery.

Trust, appreciation, and being present are the keys to living a life of happiness and joy, every day. Yes, it is possible. Can you imagine a life beyond suffering, anxiety and pain?

I clear your blocks and trapped emotions that keep you stuck in your past story and trauma. In the process, you become fearless, calm, focused, happy, grounded in the present so you can JUST BE HAPPY!


You benefit from my 30 years of self-discovery and healing. I live my life in joy, bliss, and happiness every day. I know what it takes to get you there.  My authenticity, compassion, and non-judgment frees you to be truly you. I  Healed my own shame, guilt, insecurity, fears, depression and childhood trauma which gives me the insight to help you transform yours.spacer2spacer2

I have dedicated my life to sharing the power of  unconditional love, in creating intimacy, passion, joy, peace and connection. Although I had my own share of suffering and trauma, those challenges became my greatest gifts. I was lost in the pain and patterns that chained me to my past, destroyed the present and sabotaged my future. I endured the pain and suffering of physical and emotional trauma, but I was blessed to triumph over my challenges and find great love and awakening on my journey.spacer2

spacer2MY BACKGROUNDspacer2

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, I was very intuitive. I had imaginary friends and communicated with my guides and teachers. Like many of us, that access began to close as I got older. I learned to believe in limitation. I trusted the world for my guidance rather than the universe.spacer2

As I grew older my focus changed and as I traveled the world as flight attendant for Air Canada I started chasing the world’s view of success. Then I started my own landscaping business. My landscaping business proved to be an extraordinary catalyst for my awakening. As I worked I began to listen; nature and the universe began to sing to me. As the Universe continued to touch my heart I began to experience profound shifts in my thinking and energy. That brings me back to you…spacer2


I understand your frustration and exhaustion; I have been there too. I spent thousands on healing workshops becoming a Hypnotherapist, then a Master Energy Healer. Traveling around the world to India and Bali to study The Akashic Records. Finally, I fell into that place which is the true beginning – acceptance. It was my journey through radiance into love, literally my own Aphrodite Effect and I am here to illuminate that path for you!spacer2


My days are filled with love, joy and excitement. I see miracles everywhere and relish those moments of divine serendipity. I offer my clients a world filled with possibilities and love. As a coach and pathfinder I empower you to find…spacer2

More … miracles, intimacy, love, abundance, and adventurespacer2

Greater … connection to the Universe and your life


Discovering … your divine radiance and belovedspacer2

A Life Filled With … excitement, passion, vitality and growthspacer2

Easier … abundance, intimacy and happinessspacer2


For the past five years I have been working with women just like you. Developing the foundational programs “Love Yourself Fearlessly” and “Aphrodite Effect”,  I have transformed the lives of countless woman on the path. I have shared the miracles, abundance, joy, passion and intimacy that is there for us all. You can have what you desire – it’s a simple yet profound journey. It can begin, literally right now!spacer2


It starts with a decision and commitment. You’ll be surprised just how simple and easy it is. Small shifts in perspective bring profound results.  Contact me today. Let me show you how. You’ll not be disappointed.





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