The Policy Of Truth

by Jennifer Elizabeth MastersTruth is the quality or state of being true. Truth encompasses integrity, character, honor. Telling the truth is a refusal to lie. What about half-truths? What about white lies? Are they just lies disguised as niceties? Is it okay to lie about...

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How To Use Prayer To Improve Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhen deep faith is present, prayer is powerful. Prayer without faith is impotent. I use prayer daily. My life changed when I recognized that all my prayers were heard and answered. I receive clear signs in my life that this is true....

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The Spirituality of Money

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters“For what shall it profit a man,  if he shall gain the whole world,  and lose his own soul?”          – Jesus of NazarethEverything is energy. We are energy. Money is energy. We work at our profession and are...

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