Dance Your Way To Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWord on the street is that most men don't like to dance. Let's look at the facts guys, most women love to dance. If you want more sex, get out on the dance floor! Dancing helps tone your body, gets you in...

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3 Ways To Overcome Chaos By Living Simply

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersLife can throw us some curve balls. Living simply offers us a peace that removes us from the chaos. 2016 may already be offering many different opportunities from that of 2015. Choosing what is best for us requires us to be present,...

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25 Books In 2016

Jennifer Elizabeth MastersDriving back to the desert of California from Colorado, I stopped at a hotel in Cedar City Utah. A Ukrainian (albeit early) Christmas in Ontario, Canada with my mother, plus a move for my daughter, flying to Toronto, driving 1,100 miles each way...

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