How Your Thoughts Create Disease

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI was recently discussing the fact that I used to have Epstein Barr autoimmune disease and Fibromyalgia with a friend. She remarked to me that more people need to know and understand that when we believe we will have something forever, we...

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What Is An Energy Clearing?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersSince 2007, I have been working with people's energy fields clearing negativity, trapped emotions, self-sabotage, suicidal programs, past lives that bleed through into this lifetime creating havoc and limiting beliefs. The overarching theme of an energy clearing is the calmness that people experience coupled...

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Orgasm For Life: What Turns A Man On?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersExcerpt from Orgasm For LifeIn a nutshell - everything. Just walk in front of a man naked and your job is done! Men want you to touch their penises. End of story. Men can get a hard-on by being kissed. Oxytocin is released...

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