Affairs and Other Achilles’ Heel

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI just got off the phone with my dear friend and Ipsasalu Tantra teacher, Prem Sarovara. He reminded me what a fabulous book Orgasm For Life is. Today, I am including a full excerpt from my book, Orgasm For Life. If you...

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3 Reasons New Isn’t Always Better

by Jennifer Elizabeth MastersThe latest I-Phone, a flashy new computer, or a new (partner) or vacuum may seem exciting at first till we get them home and recognize that what we had previously was so much better than the new one we just landed. Today I...

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How To Be Your Own Lover After A Breakup

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersCoaching my 19-year-old daughter for the past four months after a damaging breakup has brought the anguish and heartbreak to my door. When we don't feel loved by our partner, we feel inadequate. When we face rejection, betrayal or abandonment in our relationship, how...

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