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The Happiness Jumpstart Audio Program includes three hours of audio coaching that move you energetically out of the mire of misery through responsibility, letting go of blame and feeling better about who you are. That means no more telling yourself how fat you are, that you’re an idiot, or hours of looking at your face dismissively in the mirror. You wouldn’t tell those things to a loved one, so why do you tell that to yourself?


You’re beautiful just the way you are, and Happiness Jumpstart will help you live in a constant State of Joy and overwhelming Happiness!


The Audios included in this personalized coaching experience include:


  1. Getting You to Happy
    Get onto the path of Happiness RIGHT NOW! I’ll review the Do’s and Don’ts of Happiness, starting w/ the Do’s. You’ll learn what to focus on for your happiness and what to take your attention away from. Even just doing half of the things in this audio will help you to find Happiness RIGHT NOW!
  2. The Silver Lining
    Happy people ALWAYS look for the Silver Lining and are able to find the Silver Lining in any situation. This audio will shift you from seeing the negative to seeing the positive, and help to get you out of your own way. When you’re thinking positively, you’re creating a positive, happy space for yourself!
  3. Being in the Flow
    Increase your abilities and tap into the Divine consciousness and creativity like an athlete or artist using the State of Flow, and live in a state of constant Joy! When you’re in the Flow State, you’re always creating your own happiness and State of Joy within yourself – and you can call it forth at any time!


This program is being offered for this very special price! That’s a $675 value for 3 hours of coaching with Jennifer!





Blame, shame and complaining will become a thing of the past. You can’t blame anyone for your unhappiness and move forward. Blame keeps you stuck in the past. Yes, I will be tough. I have to be. I will push you and prod you to leave your woe is me pity party in the dust. One session a week that is laser focused on moving you into happiness. Yes, you will have to work hard. Nothing worth having comes easily. Do you have what it takes? Can you give up your negativity and blame? I will empower you to stay on track one session a week with follow-up e-mails to keep you focused on being happy with you. Yes, there will be work to do daily. You can’t change your world if you don’t change the way you think, feel and react.


Your investment $5,210

Or three equal payments of : $1,766 – for more information contact Jennifer


Happiness comes from loving yourself, your life, what you do and how you are. If any of those are out of alignment, we can work on them one at a time. Thinking that happiness is held in someone else’s hands takes your power away.

You can change jobs, cities, boyfriends or husbands, but until you are HAPPY with YOU, you won’t be happy with anything else. You are your own best friend and worst enemy. Let’s transform that last part, shall we?

spacer2One session weekly with Jennifer, guiding you ever upward leaving your misery in the dust. With plenty of focused, loving attention, we will kick your challenges to the curb.

• Shift your focus to become responsible for you

• Liking yourself will go along way to help you enjoy your own company and life

• We will kick that victimhood in the butt – it’s outta here!

• We’ll uncover and clear the programs you have running that don’t serve you

• We’ll clear the blocks to living in joy

• We’ll work on deepening your connection to nature to develop that inner bliss

• I will empower you to stop blaming everyone for your problems and life

• I will teach you strategies to use to change brain waves that will repattern your brain for happiness

• Clear mind chatter, anxiety, worry and fears! Whew! That’s a mouthful!

• Learn to focus one one thing at a time

• Your mind wanders, meditation and mindfulness will help you find inner peace

• Teach you strategies that support positive thought processes

• Take your power back from everyone you gave it to

• Learn to stand in your truth and be completely happy being you! Oh my!

• Experience and focus on the small things that bring you joy

• Learn how you sabotage your good

• Move out of self-pity, it will suck the life out of you and everyone around you

• Become active in your community, volunteering and giving back in a way that works for you

• Doing what you love brings you joy do you hate your job? We’ll work on that too

• I will help you discover what you love

• I’ll guide you to take up a hobby that will nurture and feed your soul

• Fulfillment comes from giving back generously, we’ll uncover what works best for you


Your Investment: $8,900

3 equal payments of : $3,500 – contact Jennifer for more information


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