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The Turning Point Summit: Tanya Stewart Interviews Jennifer Elizabeth Masters w/ Special Guest Les Brown

In this powerful 49 minutes of video, you will find out what Jennifer does for her clients to help them be happy.
spacer2Jennifer shares her insight about becoming enlightened and self-realized. Find out what drove her to seek changes in her life to overcome low self-esteem, unhappiness, illnesses like Fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, chronic depression, fears, anxiety, worries and insomnia.
spacer2 From people-pleaser, codependent serial monogamist to blissful living, Jennifer talks about the origins of illness, self-healing and miracles she has experienced. This video is all about relationships, love, happiness, sex, healing sexual trauma, rape and PTSD.

Debra Bailey of The Entrepreneur’s Network Interviews Jennifer about Orgasm for Life

From the differences between men and women, why 80% of women fake it 50% of the time: there are so many challenges because of the differences between the sexes. Women typically don’t know what pleases them; how can a man understand how to pleasure us? Jennifer shares God’s cruel joke about sex and why we’re so different.
Sex should be joyful, fun and playful – not so serious and such hard work. By taking the work out of sex, it becomes more pleasure-oriented. Focusing on technique causes us to become disconnected and mechanical rather than being in The FLOW state during sex, which is where Bliss occurs.
This is a fun and enlightening interview that will make you laugh about ourselves and our differences. Jennifer cracks Deb up talking about laughing through an orgasm. Lying about love to get a woman into bed is part of the conversation, and honesty and authenticity is preferable to being manipulated.

The Janet Love Show – Medical Intuitive

Jennifer talks about her thirty-year journey from dysfunction and health issues to healing her life through acupuncture, chiropractic, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing. She then became a Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer. Learn what motivated Jennifer to write Orgasm for Life, how she overcame depression, anxiety and Fibromyalgia and how each modality that she encountered helped, like stepping up to the next rung on the ladder.
Disassociation happens when molestation happens as a child, and therefore continues into adulthood. Disassociation occurs during sex when women leave their bodies during sex. When we feel wounded, we don’t want to be touched. We mush have friendship within our relationships “without a connection of the heart and Spiritual plan, sex is merely banging body parts together.”
You cannot have an orgasm this way. 60% of divorces are filed by women for a reason. Many women aren’t having orgasms on a regular basis that have been scarred by sexual trauma. The blocks in the body can be cleared and functionality can be restored with your partner, as described in Orgasm for Life, if you feel safe enough to do it. Trauma is something to work through rather than to get stuck in.

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Linzi Levinson Asks Jennifer “Is it Possible to Truly Have an Orgasm for Life?”

Linzi Levinson, Host of Linzi’s Life Secrets, asks what’s the goal of Orgasm for Life? 54% of women are unhappy with their sex lives, and 60% of divorces are filed by women. It is very important to stay connected with your partner. Understanding of the opposite sex helps dissolve issues. Having intimacy and being sexual with your partner keeps you both connected and gives you the foundation for the relationship making it stronger.
Knowing and understanding yourself allows the ability to express your desires and bridges the chasm between you and your partner, leading to greater happiness in life. We are responsible for our own happiness and our own orgasm. Raising awareness for ourselves allows us deeper understanding and gives women a voice. Having a pleasurable experience lovemaking, we need to have a positive body image. Having positive self-esteem creates a healthier sex life and relationship, allowing deeper intimacy.
Men need to be more accepting of our input to what we need in the bedroom, and we all need to listen to our partners. If you want a better experience or sex more often, we need to hear each other. When something is working, don’t change it up! Stick with what is working! The slightest change in speed can interfere with her getting there. Some women get really quiet when they are getting there, where others prefer to be louder. The key is that women’s bodies change as their hormones rise and fall, which can really keep men guessing.

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