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Feeling Like 18 At 60!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersOn October 27th, of 2014, I turn 60. I am amazed. Not that I don't remember the passage of time, or all that I have experienced. It is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life I have, the work I do...

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Is A Facelift in Your Future?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAging is a part of life. However, how we eat, live, think, speak and feel has as much to do with the speed at which we age. We have seen many aging actors and singers who have had multiple face lifts. Then...

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Sex As Medicine

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Grammy award winner Marvin Gaye sang about sexual healing back in 1982. What most people are unaware of is that sex heals. We know of sex as a release from the build-up of tension for...

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