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7 Minutes To Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIn just seven minutes a day, you can shift your mind, body and soul to a state of well-being and happiness. The human body was wired to move. Dance, swift-paced walking, and exercise daily can do it for you in just 7-minutes....

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Dance Your Way To Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWord on the street is that most men don't like to dance. Let's look at the facts guys, most women love to dance. If you want more sex, get out on the dance floor! Dancing helps tone your body, gets you in...

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The Joy Of Feeling Sexy

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersThough there are many in this world that say they hate sex or don't like it, sex is a natural part of being human. The desire for deep connection with another human is at the core of each of us, even when...

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