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Orgasm For Life: What Turns A Man On?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersExcerpt from Orgasm For LifeIn a nutshell - everything. Just walk in front of a man naked and your job is done! Men want you to touch their penises. End of story. Men can get a hard-on by being kissed. Oxytocin is released...

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Healing The Sexless Marriage

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhen we get married, we often have expectations of romance, great sex and deep intimacy well into our golden years. We think when we get married that love is enough to keep us happily ever after. Love isn't enough to sustain a...

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A Kiss And Affair That Stopped Time

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIf you have read my recent book, you are aware of the personal experiences I shared with my readers. My own passionate affairs have been learning lessons for me about myself, men and sex. If you are looking for more passion in...

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Attracting Love Fast

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersKnowing what love is and isn't is important. Often we think we are in love, when it is sexual attraction, or infatuation. A lot of women have the idea that love should be felt the way it is in Disney movies. Where...

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Orgasm For Life – The Book

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersAvailable on Amazon May 20thMen and women are different anatomically, psychologically and emotionally. We communicate differently from each other. Women are emotionally driven while men are process driven. Our communication styles differ. Even our biorhythms are different. We are at opposite ends...

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Are Quickies Killing Your Sex Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters"The average love-making session lasts 10 minutes. Statistically speaking, most are disappointed that sex ends so soon."Most Women Need 20 - 45 minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm. It is not any one's fault. Men and women have very different needs. Understanding how...

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