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7 Minutes To Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIn just seven minutes a day, you can shift your mind, body and soul to a state of well-being and happiness. The human body was wired to move. Dance, swift-paced walking, and exercise daily can do it for you in just 7-minutes....

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21 Quickie Life Hacks For Everyday Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHappy people have many things in common. They have encountered adversity and overcome it. They recognize that nothing that is worth having comes easily. They also have consistent habits that create daily happiness no matter what is happening. Being happy isn't just about...

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How Self-Love Leads To Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersIf you are looking for happiness, you have come to the right place. I learned the secret years ago that changed my life - permanently!I found some very interesting results while searching for trending articles on the subject of happiness and being...

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Affairs and Other Achilles’ Heel

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI just got off the phone with my dear friend and Ipsasalu Tantra teacher, Prem Sarovara. He reminded me what a fabulous book Orgasm For Life is. Today, I am including a full excerpt from my book, Orgasm For Life. If you...

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How To Find Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhat if I was to tell you that everything you ever dreamed of was possible? What if I was to tell you that you already have arrived? You already have everything you need. It is closer than you think.Most people search for happiness...

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How To Be Happy With YOU!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhat if your purpose for being here was to be happy? How would that change your life and your world? Some people focus on being successful or wealthy, yet never achieve a level of happiness in their life. What if I was...

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