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Is Breakup Sex Harmful To You?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersYou've given him back his PJs, toothbrush, and slippers. When he returns for his sweatshirt should you or shouldn't you slip back into bed for farewell sex?Sex might have been good once, but that isn't the point. You have broken up what...

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Love Has The Power To Heal You Faster

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersLove is a powerful healer. It can heal a wound on a child, a blister on an adult faster than without it, and even rejuvenates nerve damage. Don't believe me? The Scientists have proven that love heals the body faster when you...

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I Was On Fire!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersBefore I became conscious of how we create our lives, I believed like many do that we get sick due to viruses in the air. We get cancer for some unknown reason. After years of co-creating miracles for others and myself, setting...

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