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Are You One of 17 Million Men?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersSecrets eat away at over 17 million American men every day. One in sex men has a deep secret that never goes away no matter how hard they try. These men have kept the fact that they were molested by a priest,...

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How To Move Beyond Fear

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersYour life is meant to be one of wonder, adventure and fabulous manifesting. You are meant to experience magic and great joy manifesting whatever your heart desires. When we are free from fear our hearts expand we become greater than ourselves, we...

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Dance Your Way To Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWord on the street is that most men don't like to dance. Let's look at the facts guys, most women love to dance. If you want more sex, get out on the dance floor! Dancing helps tone your body, gets you in...

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9 Things Happy Couples Talk About

The Happiest Couples In The World Talk About These 9 ThingsIntroducing our guest blogger from Vixen Daily!By Nick Bastion / Vixen DailyYou know what good relationships are all about?It’s not necessarily about chemistry, or compatibility, or even attraction most of the time.Most of the time,...

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Getting Intimate With Allana Pratt

Hello you beautiful soul!I am so delighted that you are here. You are the reason I write this blog. I have a special event coming up later today. I do hope you will join me with my host Allana Pratt on Intimate Conversations Live. The...

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Wave Of Energetic Awakening For Everyone

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersThe Mayans spoke of the end of days. There were thought leaders who said we would all perish as the world ended in an Apocalypse in 2001. For many, there is disappointment that some earth-shattering disaster has not hit us destroying us...

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