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How To Use Prayer To Improve Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWhen deep faith is present, prayer is powerful. Prayer without faith is impotent. I use prayer daily. My life changed when I recognized that all my prayers were heard and answered. I receive clear signs in my life that this is true....

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21 Quickie Life Hacks For Everyday Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHappy people have many things in common. They have encountered adversity and overcome it. They recognize that nothing that is worth having comes easily. They also have consistent habits that create daily happiness no matter what is happening. Being happy isn't just about...

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The Joy Of Feeling Sexy

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersThough there are many in this world that say they hate sex or don't like it, sex is a natural part of being human. The desire for deep connection with another human is at the core of each of us, even when...

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Ecstatic Living – Beyond Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersHave you ever wondered about the mysteries of life? I muse about my life often. Yesterday while dancing in the desert I recognized that I now live beyond happiness, beyond joy. I live in ecstasy. My dream for an Orgasm For Life...

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9 Amazing Benefits Of Watching A Sunrise

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersSunrise is a magnificent time of day. It is an awakening of the planet, birds, trees and wildlife. It is always a new beginning. If you have romance in your soul, witnessing this beautiful daybreak can bring joy into your mundane life....

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The Gift of Choice

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersWe create our own happiness, our own sense of heaven or hell on this planet each day and each and every moment. Choosing to be happy, choosing to love instead of hate, is a moment by moment decision. Most people live unconsciously...

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When God Calls Your Name

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI have been asked why I write about sex all the time, and don't I get tired of it? Although I enjoy sex, I didn't begin to write about sex until 2013. I had to move beyond what I thought I needed...

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Play Like Your Life Depends On It!

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersPlay is what happy people engage in. Play is what children understand and love to do.  Yet, as people grow older we often forget that play is still a large part of our lives. Life's circumstances and events can bog us down...

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