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Addyi: Female Viagra Fact or Fiction

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersMedication to cure erectile dysfunction has been on the market for men since 1998. After several trials of the drug Flibanserin, (Addyi) a little pink pill has finally been approved by the FDA for women. Scheduled to be on the Market, October...

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What Men Want

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersI have been lovingly nudged by one of my avid readers to write more posts for men. Not only will I promise to deliver on this request, but I also have a radio show dedicated to you tonight. I promise you can...

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15 Reasons Women Stop Having Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersCouples often feel that working on the relationship is of utmost importance, but leave sex out of the equation. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. If sex takes a back seat, communication becomes an issue. Men need to have sex to feel intimate while...

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The Best Sex In Your 60’s and 70’s

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersDo you ever wonder what sex will be like when you are in your golden years? With the millions of prescriptions filled for Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs for erectile dysfunction, many people wonder if they will be able to have sex...

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Cleanse Your Pipes For Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersPeople come to me with their problems. One of the problems I hear about most often is that women have little or no sex drive. What most people don't realize is that constipation is the cause of many sexual issues. If you...

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Is Your Sexual Desire Inhibited?

By Jennifer Elizabeth MastersToday, the New York Times printed an article about people with a low level of sexual interest or ISD. Inhibited sexual desire is what scientists are calling low libido. This could occur in someone who previously had a higher level of sexual...

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